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joshVisual Artist


May 26 - June 25, 2013

I try to reinvigorate social realism and narrative painting by avoiding cold objectivity, false pathos or sentimentality. I also narrow or open out the space portrayed to suit the subject and sometimes combine places, people or situations as I relish the incongruous. I have travelled to Russia, Madagascar, Norway, Egypt and Morocco, which inspired many of my paintings. A residency with ACOSS would be a great opportunity to experience Armenia, working up my drawings, photographs and ideas into oil sketches, and having an open studio day. I would also gain insight into contemporary art in the region.Having begun a series of paintings portraying religious denominations, I would like to see working institutions of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Visits to monasteries and some time in Echmiadzin should offer me a chance to understand this in depth.

An example of this strand of my work is alongside my CV, my painting of the Russian Orthodox Church which won the University of Chichester award in the British National Open Art Competition. I hope to follow this up in 2014 by visiting Lebanon to paint the complex religious mosaic, including the Armenian Apostolic and Armenian Catholic Churches.