Thomas Schaupp Տպել
thomasPerforming Arts, Dance


April - June / Sept.- Nov., 2013

I would like to have time to research on the tendencies of contemporary armenian dance and to explore the different streams. Moreover I would like to work historiographically to dig into the history of armenian dance. Through this I would like to create and curate a brief conference including lectures and performances. This is a way to give publicity to the art of dance which is all to often forgotten and unscrutinized. For this I would invite different experts and moreover produce an educational programm about the importance of dance and -theory. I would like to finish my residency with a thesis which might result in a written history of armenian dance. This will also contain a dvd-documentary I'll produce. Also a result would be a dance-performance which shows my subjective understanding of armenian movement.

I would be very thankful for being part of the environment you offer with this Residency programm.