Cristina Maldonado Տպել

cristinaPerforming Arts, Video

Mexica/Czeck Republic

June, 2013

Parajanovs The color of pomegranate, regardless the culture and time gaps, is a strong inspiration for this work due to the objectivization of the body, the non-verbal syntax, coherence and meaningfulness of its images. I want to research his work properly and go deeper into to my questions: How can an object acquire multiple levels of meaning depending on its relationship to the subject and image? How this not-literal definition can be calibrated for reflecting in the essence of things instead of remaining hermetic and totally abstract? How our reflection in the objects can tell us more about our place in a whole?

In this residency I will research on a visual official syntax: a serial of videos that can suggest multiple meanings for one thing through the interaction of subject/object/image, a vocabulary of actions, an ACTIONARY: visual dictionary that defines objects, not with words, but with actions; one video for each letter of the alphabet, choosing an object to be defined, for instance: A- aluminum paper, B- box, etc...: