Jaakko Autere Տպել



July 1 - August 10, 2013

My way to express myself is painting and has allways been so.I started when i was 5 years old to draw and paint funny figures bymyself. I was doing it as an hobby or side to me until I was 13 years old. Then I founded graffiti and started to really discover the beauty of colours and the oppurtunities of greativity. Since that I ended up to study arts in the university and went through many steps of tecnics . I kept always graffti beside and never left it alone. Because of graffiti I have been watching walls and different kind of places trought lenses of colours. It has lead me to think that colours should be allover and all places such as abandoned buildings should be taken advanced for decorating environment and that is main point of working at the moment. At this way I think that art could get closer to people who are really not interested about it and think it is only for high class people how are able to buy that also. This way I would like to work also in Armenia to get art closer to people especially to kids. I think that for kids it is even more important than to adults to find the way to express themselves for the future.the best way for getting closer to the aim would be workshops. These things I would like to do in Armenia during my stay in residency.