Emilie Bernard Տպել
EmilieVisual Artist


September - October, 2013

My perspective as a visitor will definitely influence the entire project. The project will be founded on my perception and my unique experience (as a visitor in a totally unknown and intriguing land) but could also be derived from a popular vision rooted in the community. The subjects collected during this research could be stereotyped or unexpected, could evoke typical images belonging to Armenia or images belonging to personal memories. In the end, they will be a reflection of the country, a witness to my stay away and everything that may have charmed and surprised me. Journeys abroad are at the heart of my project. The project deals with the visitors perception, pure and new, of another country. Consequently, this project requires a stay in a country different from my own and a change of scene to be created. I plan to pursue Picking Souvenirs by doing other residencies, if possible, in complementary or opposite countries. My Armenian collection would be the second part of this project that may stretch over several years. This first part took place in Finland during winter 2012.

Finally, living this professional experience will also serve to create a fresh vision and will greatly influence my practice, giving me the inspiration to produce objects that I could not have otherwise imagined. Having the chance to gain an experience within the context of ACOSS would give me the opportunity to discover the typical architecture, the landscapes, the history and the culture from Armenia, to create new work from it, to continue my ongoing research into collections of small formats and to exchange with the welcoming community and with other artists.