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Pieter Geenen's presentation

Pieter Geenen

Artist’s talk and presentation
In 28. Sept. 2010, 12.00 o’clok

Artist-in-residence at the ACOSS:
Pieter Geenen, Belgium

room 304, the 3rd floor, Faculty of
Sociology, Yerevan State University,

Meeting organized by  the Sociology Faculty Student
Research Company and the Armenian Sociology Club.

Working language is English.

Pieter is interested in the suggestive and evocative qualities of the landscape, and
geo-political and geo-social realities in particular.
How does man relate to the landscape?

During the month of September Pieter Geenen is staying in Yerevan (Armenia)
as artist in residence at the ACOSS. Currently he is working on a new project dealing
about the mythical mountain Ararat.
Being an important national symbol of Armenia, since 1915 it is located just across
the closed border with Turkey. During his stay he will do further research on its iconologic value,
its determination of Armenian identity and its historical and symbolical value in the region in general.

The outcome of this residency will premiere at
BE-PART art centre in Waregem (BE) during the spring of 2011.





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