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HanyPerforming Arts


May 1 - Jule 31, 2013

In collaboration with Nini Ayach

Project Proposal:
To create a 25-minute shadow-puppetry performance about the Armenian diaspora and the concept of Armenian national identity.
Armenia interests us because of its fascinating history, culture and current political situation. We have both encountered Armenian communities in places we have lived in and visited (Cairo, Jerusalem, Syria), and feel compelled to better understandthis unique culture.Through our shadow puppetry project, we aim to discover more about Armeniannational identity and to reflect it in our performance. In order to do this, the first step in our process will be to interview people from the Armenian diaspora, and ask them about their family history and how they view their own national identity. Secondly, once in Armenia, we will continue to work in a journalistic way, conducting interviews in order to craft a story that expresses and merges these histories of cultural identity. We would be thrilled to have the opportunity to make a project that relates to the specificity of Armenian cultural heritage and national identity. We feel that a shadow puppetry form, in its folk aesthetic would be a suitable and poetic way to express this both ancient and contemporary culture. We thank you for considering us for the ACOSS residency program.  Nini Ayach and Hany Hommos



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