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Gyumri Public Art Huddle 2014

Gyumri Public Art Project involving
locals and international artists, Armenia

August 15-28, 2014

Address: Peace Ring Park, Gyumri Armenia



In the next two weeks international artists from Russia, Georgia, the USA, and Taiwan will work with local artists and community to create public art projects throughout Gyumri. The ideas for these projects will be developed through collaborations, conversations, and charrettes between the locals and international guests.

The project is conducted in collaboration with City Research Centre (Gyumri), Akos Cultural NGO and CEC ArtsLink and supported by the Kettering Family Foundation and The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation.




Kendal Henry, artist, curator (USA)
Marisa Morán Jahn, (in colab. with Anjum Asharia) USA
Anjum Asharia, visual arts, USA  
Semyon Motolyanet, artist (Russia)
Mamuka Japharidze, artist, initiator, (Georgia)
Rachelle Viader Knowles, Canada/UK, Artist, Senior Lecturer, Coventry University
Jane Ball, Artist, Senior Lecturer, Coventry University
Ashot Mirzoyan, architecture, Gyumri (City Research Center)
Vahagn Hamalbashyan, visual arts, Yerevan (Akos)
Hrachya Vardanyan, visual arts, Gyumri (Akos)
Karine Kocharyan, facilitator, Gyumri
Ani Kocharyan, facilitator,  Gyumri
Mkrtich Tonoyan, artist, arts manager, (Akos)










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