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Gyumri Public Art Project involving
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Tandem of Creation: Space Sculpture

September 5-9, 2014

Address: Art Hotel Berlin, Gyumri Armenia




On the 9th September two different kinds of art projects will be presented at the Berlin Art Hotel. The combination of these two projects builds a tandem of creation. Both complement each other.  

The project is supported by Berlin Art Hotel, Akos/Gyumri Public Art Huddle, FestLand e.V..




A tandem is originally the word for a bicycle for two people. This symbol reflects the work that is shown here. The presentation of the project "The Return of the Dragon Carpet", and the results of the 5-days art workshop "The Space of Sculpture" were inspired from the same roots and lead to the same direction as a tandem does. 
The method of tandem was also used during the workshop "The Space of Sculpture". Four artist and four children worked together in pairs creating monuments. The impulse of their works came from the monument “Pulsar” by Albert Vardanyan. In their works they reflected the influence of sculptures on the space in the city and the monument itself. 
The works of Hrach and Avo Vardanyan "The Return of the Dragon Carpet" were firstly shown during a performance in the church of Aruch, which was also a kind of Tandem between the traditional art of our ancestors and contemporary art. The results are new expressions of the dragon stone and carpets. Now they are presented in a gallery space for the first time.










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