The emerging Italian video art comes to Yerevan

Tuesday December 14th,
at 5.00 p.m.

ACCEA in Yerevan
Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art)

The event is curated by Carolina Lio, the currently curator-in-residence at
ACOSS Cultural NGO in Yerevan.

Supported by European Cultural Foundation
and the Open Society Institute

through “Step Beyond” travel grant.


Invited artists: Barbara Agreste, Riccardo Arena, Alessadra Arnò, Barbara Brugola,Silvia Camporesi, Igino De Luca, Luca Christian Mander, Sabrina Muzi, ChristianNiccoli, Giordano Rizzardi, Natalia Saurin, Angelina Voskopoulou.

A sequence of fourteen videos will be screened during the evening. The workshave been realized by emerging and mid-carreer Italian artists and have beenselected by the curator in collaboration with Visual Container(, a Milan based organization for the promotion anddissemination of Italian video art and new media.
All selected videos are produced in the last years and have already been admittedin International Video Festivals. Invited artists are chosen as a representative groupof emerging young figures already known and well-adjusted in the Italiancontemporary art scene. The videos are of varying types, ranging from animationto performance, in order to give as complete view as possible of the today's videoart in Italy.
The initiative is part of the “Step Beyond” program, aimed to stimulatetransnational collaborations and the mobility of artists and cultural actors. Inparticular it is focused on cultural exchanges between European countries andtheir neighbours. Fallowing this the one-day-event in ACCEA/NPAK, screening ofworks of Armenian video artists will take place in Italy in January 2011, organizedin “Visual Container” exhibition space in Milan.