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“Mitq” Analytic center and “Akos” Cultural NGO organized Summer school
for students in sociological and political science topics. It was held in the
discussions hall of “Mitq” Analytic center
and lasted one month.
There were two lectures per day and workshop, 
film watching-one day a week. 

From the 15th May until the 15th June, 2010.

The themes of seminar-discussions  

Armenia and its role in developing world,
Information-psychological wars in the Caucasus,
Ethno-demographic movements,
Mass-Media and society,
The role of youth in the regional problems 
National ideologies and conflicts in the Caucasus region,
The confrontation of political viewpoints of Caucasian people,
The Transcaucasia in the globalizing world. 

During workshops were meetings with politicians and representatives
from Armenian Diaspora.
Discussion Lecture
A workshop A workshop
expertize Certyficate

The last day


The active participants got certificates. 

Number of all participants:
30 people.

Phone: (+374) 98 599 001
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