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salitArt and Film; Curating Expended Cinema


July 8 - 20, 2015


The project to be researched in Yerevan is “Station 7” of a larger curatorial collaboration called Meet in the Middle | Stations of Migration and Memory Between Art and Film (2014-2016) with Elizabeth Matheson (Curator, Strandline Curatorial Collective), Timothy Long (Head Curator, MacKenzie Art Gallery) and Rachelle Knowles (Senior Lecturer, Visual Art, University of Coventry). MITM is a durational, 10-station series of Regina-based exhibitions and activities that envisions and stages a unique meeting ground for citizens affected by questions of global migration and the contemporary movement of people and ideas, linked to political and personal questions of memory and trauma, a theme particularly pertinent to art and place-making in Regina as we experience increasing immigration from around the globe, and First Nations people increasingly migrate between urban and rural life.

Dr. Christine Ramsay, Associate Professor
Department of Film
University of Regina
Regina, SK