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Jonathan Monaghan (b. New York, 1986) makes short films that combine high end computer animation with surreal and fantastical scenes drawn from religious themes, popular culture and Western history. Work by Jonathan Monaghan has been shown in the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C., the Today Art Museum in Beijing, the BFI Southbank in London as well as other galleries and venues in New York, Oslo, and Berlin. His 2012 solo exhibition Sacrifice of the Mushroom Kings was reviewed in the Washington Post.

"My work is influenced by Armenian film director Sergei Parajanov. His film Color of the Pomegranates is of particular interest for its unique cinematic methodology in exploring cultural iconography and narratives. In Yerevan I intend to research the film and its director further, utilizing the Sergei Parajanov Museum as well as simply exploring history from the city in an effort to gain insight into Parajanov's imagery and narrative techniques I will use this insight to enhance my 3D animated video installations; utilizing an expanded iconographic vocabulary and experimenting with new narrative structure.

The animations may be projected on custom walls or screens, working with space to create a sculptural presence for the projections. I already have access to the technical resources needed to complete such a project. However creating work in Yerevan within the ACOSS community will lead to new discoveries and critical perspectives on my artistic directions".