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Ceardlann na gCnoc
Visual Art and Media Workshop.

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In his audiovisual productions Pieter Geenenquestions the landscape as a bearer of meaning. He is interested in the suggestive and evocative qualities of the landscape, and geo-political and geo-social realities in particular. How does man relate to the landscape? How do we shape landscape, what traces do we leave, and what do we experience in confrontation with a landscape?In his workthe image manifests itself slowly, exploring the subtle and hidden characteristics of things. Listening and watching becomes intense, intimate, alienative, contemplative and almost tangible in the context of an undisturbed stillness.

During his residency heexamined the iconological value of Mount Ararat and the way it determined and defined the Armenian identity, at the presentand in the past.
For this project healso experimented with narrative elements for the first time.