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Ceardlann na gCnoc
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I hope when in Armenia to be able to understand the beauty of the people and their country. My work is abstract and it will be interesting for me to see how my painting reacts. There is a relation that grows between the canvas and the painter which can be difficult and one of us has to give way. Emotionally I feel it will be a strong relation and hopefully fruitful. I hope to do a number of canvas and as well get to know the regional artists and their techniques as well as visiting the museums and places of interest.

My main interest in abstract has been a development from the figurative which began 10 years ago. The forms and shapes which flow naturally have been purposely broken. The circle is no longer round and the square distorted. The frames are the only visible normality. It is a journey walking backwards where our senses have been surprised and worried and we are no longer sure footed. The emotions and sentiments which reside in the inner self can be felt by no other. It is the junction between the real and the imaginary. It is the eternal personal quest of who we are.

Abstract art is the object of this contemplation, of meditation and pleasure and above all else rejects the idea of being decorative.
Inspiration for this kind of work has been through the continuing research in museums in Paris and the boglands around Crossmaglen, Northern Ireland and now I want to be inspired by the Armenian culture.