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Today, my creativity is in a transition phase. My previous works mainly deal with thebody and its movement and corresponds to a rather introspective atmosphere. In mymore recent work, I have increasingly felt the need to open my work outwards and tonew lands.The notions of faith, archetypes, collective and individual memory, the bordersbetween the cultural and the universal are concerns which have recently appeared in myreflections.
I have also been trying to develop the trans-multidisciplinarity of my work (photos,videos, installations, drawings, texts) in order to expand my freedom of creation andexpression.
My desire to come to your residence in Armenia also comes from more personal reasons.Indeed, my grandfather was from Armenia, and therefore this country is special for me. My first travel to Armenia was a real upheaval because some of my forgotten childhoodmemories emerged in the middle of a big cultural and landscape disorientation. This feeling of strangeness is still there every time I come to Armenia and I believethat working in this environment would enable me to give a universal dimension to myproject.

My project would consist in following persons able to read the future in coffee cups (in a traditional and authentic way). I would like to share this moment with them and note orrecord predictions told and record images (videos and photos) of the cup and the eyes, aswell as other representative elements of the scene.
The purpose is to then go beyond the documentary aspect of this work and to extract amore abstract material from it, closer to the imagination. For example, cups announcingthe fate would be similar to haloes, and the predictions could be used and transformed inpoems like Haiku.
Through this work, I would also like to explore how material things allow us to evoke thespiritual. Besides, I hope I can get fruitful interactions and exchanges with the other residentsand follow the evolution of their respective work. Finally, I would be delighted to be able to expose the final result of this work in Armenia.