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???????? 2012

David Sollie lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work uses visual and written language to investigate the history, business dealings, internal culture, motivations, aspirations and subplots of the Shackway corporation.

Shackway was a U.S. based corporation founded by Mr. Sollies grandfather (entrepreneur Bruce Milburn) just after World War 2. From humble beginnings as a small importer and exporter, Shackway grew to become a large organization with business dealings around the globe. With the cooperation and resourcefulness of ACOSS, Mr. Sollie will devote his time in Armenia to ongoing investigations into Shackways involvement in the black market during the Soviet era.
Efforts will be made to arrange interviews with former Shackway border distributors, middle agents, customers and former government officials. It is expected that the work will be difficult, because there are many people who deny that the company ever even existed.